ROM Coal Crushing – Kestrel Coal

In October 2019, Hillery Group based a crew of 5 employees at Emerald to provide crushing services to Kestrel Coal.

Hillery Group was engaged to provide a complete crushing plant (Finlay I-140RS) to crush and screen coal from a maximum particle size of 200mm down to 50mm. We used a Komatsu WA500 Wheeled Loader to deliver the feed material to the crushing plant, a Komatsu PC450 Excavator to load the crushing plant, a second Komatsu WA500 Wheeled Loader to weigh and deliver to the stockpile location and a Komatsu PC350 Excavator to stockpile the crushed product. During this time, the crew was required to follow Kestrel Coal’s safety management plan and work alongside Kestrel Coal’s operational team.