Bowen Boat Harbour Entrance Channel Breakwater Extension – DTMR

    Hillery Group were engaged by Department of Transport and Main Roads to carry out construction of the Bowen Boat Harbour Breakwater Extension. (more…)

    ROM Coal Crushing – Kestrel Coal

    In October 2019, Hillery Group based a crew of 5 employees at Emerald to provide crushing services to Kestrel Coal. (more…)

    Coastal Beach Nourishment – Whitsunday Regional Council

    Hillery Group was engaged to reinstate beaches in Bowen which were damaged by Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March 2017. (more…)

    Pre Wet Season Pond Rectification Works

    Hillery Group have successfully wrapped up 6 stage project for Abbot Point Bulk Coal. The project consisted of removal of sediment, construction of a storage area, spillway upgrade which included supply and install of rock mattresses and water management works. (more…)

    Bowen Golf Course – Seabee Wall

    Hillery Group has had the pleasure of teaming up with the Whitsunday Regional Council to construct a Seabee wall near the ninth hole at the Bowen Golf Course. (more…)

    Abbot Point Marine Offloading Facility

    In the past month Hillery Group have completed the Abbot Point Marine Offloading Facility for Pacific Marine Group.  Along with other local contractors, this project saw construction of a new facility over the top of an old failing sheet piled structure. (more…)

    Whisper Bay Breakwater and Access Causeway

    Over the last 4 months, our team have successfully completed the Whisper Bay Breakwater and Access Causeway in Airlie Beach for the Whitsunday Regional Council. The works completed involved; (more…)