Meet Our Team

Hillery Group currently employs approximately 30 highly skilled local people along with a variety of expert contractors from Bowen and our surrounding communities. Our fully qualified team of consultants, supervisors, operators and general labours take ownership of their work and are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our partners.

Our constant aim is to motivate and retain our dedicated people to ensure our business is resourced with a passionate, hardworking and loyal team in a secure and safe environment. We have the ability to attract skilled personnel to meet the needs of the market, improving the economic viability of our operations and creating further long term career opportunities within our local community.









Jamee Hillery – Managing Director                                                                                                                                                  

From a small civil service company contracting as Fynbat in 1987, Jamee has led the expansion of our company to Hillery Group, a leading provider of quarry materials offering a complete on-site mine and civil earthmoving service. Jamee’s traditional family values are the foundation of our companies success, providing a personal and trustworthy service to both clients, employees and our community. Along with our management team, Jamee continues to facilitate the evolution of Hillery Group with his on-site experience, financial expertise, and personalised management style.

Luke Hillery – General Manager

Beginning his career as an operator, Luke has built strong relationships with our team members. In his role as General Manager, he has a continuing focus on employee welfare and advances opportunities for our people, in a secure and safe environment. Luke’s ability to understand and overcome challenges with innovative procedures has been central to the development of Hillery Group and his quality management is fundamental to ensuring successful outcomes and our clients’ happiness.