The Environment


Environmental planning and commitment to continual improvement is driven and supported by management, who provide the resources required to implement and effectively manage all control measures such as dust and noise exposure. Air quality impacts are managed through the implementation of on site dust controls such as water carts and controlled operating hours for specific pieces of equipment maintain noise exposure. All environmental monitoring is undertaken by trained contractor personnel using appropriately calibrated equipment, in accordance with relevant Australian standards.

We work closely with our customers, suppliers and the community, in adopting procedures to reduce waste and pollution through innovative work and recycling practices. Land clearing at all of our sites is kept to a minimum with a view to re-establishing the original landscape with the progression of ground development. With the capacity to supply all grades of rock to our customers to their specifications, nothing is wasted, including initial earth and growth removal which is later used as top soil for rehabilitation purposes. By practising regular ‘wash downs’, our plant is maintained in a manner to prevent the introduction or spread of weeds.

Hillery Group strive for the highest possible standards with structured planning, measurable objectives and targets and environmental sustainability. We provide appropriate education, training, experience and assessment for all personnel and contractors determined by The Competence, Training and Awareness Procedure (HQ-P-HR-002) through our EMS training package during induction with further training provided as we evolve.