Hillery Group Training and Development – QLD Training Awards Regional Winner and Medium Employer of the Year

Hillery Group Training and Development — Hillery Group

Our Commitment to Training and Development

We are dedicated to enhancing skills, knowledge, and capabilities of our people. This commitment extends to personal growth, professional advancement, and organisational improvement. Below are some of our commitments to training and development:

Clear Goals- We define specific goals, and key performance indicators (KPI’s) with clear measurements to guide our staff efforts.

Continuous Learning- We will commit to lifelong learning. We encourage our staff to stay curious and open to new information, trends, and technologies that will contribute to their growth and ours.

Allocating Resources- We will dedicate time, effort, and resources to training and development. This involves workshops, courses, participating in online platforms, and real-time on-the-job training.

Personal Development- We create individual development plans with our staff and understand what motivates them and their aspirations. This could be technical skills, leadership development, communications skills, or any other relevant aspect.

Feedback and Reflection- We regularly assess our staff’s progress and provide feedback encouraging 360 feedbacks from peers, supervisors, and other departments so they can reflect on their growth and refine their approach to self-development.

Adaptability- We want our staff to adapt to changing circumstances and new challenges, this may require adjusting the development plans to address emerging needs.

Encourage Others- We promote a culture of learning and development and support each other in their growth journeys.

Measure Success- We have a performance management system that measures the effectiveness of our staff including competencies, behaviour, attitude, and their commitment to safety.

Utilise Technology- We leverage technology to facilitate learning such as online courses, webinars, virtual conferences, and other digital resources that can provide convenient and up-to-date learning.

Stay Current- In rapidly evolving times it’s crucial to remain current. We regularly update our training plans and programs to match the latest advancements.

Celebrate Achievements- We recognise and celebrate milestones and achievements in our staff’s lifelong journey. This positive reinforcement motivates our team to go the extra mile.

Celebrating achievements with our staff is an important aspect of fostering a positive and motivated work environment. Recognising and acknowledging their accomplishments not only boosts their morale but also reinforces their dedication to the business. We adopt personalised recognition, public recognition, peer shout-outs, certificates and awards, lunch or celebration get togethers, flexibility with time off, monetary rewards, employee spotlights, team building activities and long-term recognition.

We ensure our celebrations are sincere, thoughtful, and aligned with the preferences of the individual being recognised. Different employees may appreciate different forms of recognition, so we take the time to understand their preferences which will make the celebration even more meaningful.