Hillery Group Quarries

Hillery Group currently operate four (4) quarries in Bowen, Collinsville and Abbot Point, alongside a decomposed granite pit and sand reserve just outside of Bowen. The quarry products available from our operations include all formation materials, road construction materials, aggregates and rock for engineering purposes and natural sands, projects essential to building and maintaining our modern communities.

We use premium quality raw materials in all of our mixes and can provide different percentages, tailored to our clients’ requirements. The final products are produced in customer specified lot sizes and tested ready for distribution to the principal job site. We have the capacity to supply and deliver quarry materials to either roadway or stockpile ready for use.

Our sand extraction operation at various sites along the Don River is of consistently high quality and produces a full range of products including course and fine concrete sands, bedding sand and fill material, with reserves that will see these plants operate well into the 21st century.

Don River Sand Quarry

Our decomposed granite pit on Bootooloo Road is located approximately 7 kilometres west of Bowen. Our onsite mobile screening plant is used to screen the decomposed granite to our customers specifications with a variety of grades including controlled and select fill. This product is primarily used for rural road construction and house pads for numerous residential and commercial cliental.

Our first quarry operation, Gordons Quarry, is located approximately 25 kilometres south west of Bowen. Ideally situated on rural grazing country, Gordons Quarry offers an extensive recoverable quantity of micro-granodiorite (acid igneous) and gneiss (metamorphic) rock deposits, with reserves in excess of nine million tonnes. Supplying high grade crushed aggregates suitable for civil constructions, road sealing and rail purposes, Gordons Quarry maintain a full range of quarry products in stock. Products include, but are not limited to, aggregates including pre-coat aggregates ballast, upper capping, type 1, 2 & 3 pavement materials, armour rock and various drainage rock.

Gordon Quarry

Situated approximately 7 kilometres North East of Collinsville, Umina Quarry has a long history of servicing the area since the early 1980’s when extraction first commenced. Hillery Group recommenced ground development and exploration of the tenement in 2009 with a long term lease with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. The site holds reserves of latite rock (intermediate igneous) in excess of 4 million tonnes.

Umina Quarry

Abbot Point Quarry currently operates with reserves of meta-gabbro (metamorphic basalt) rock deposits in excess of 6.6 million tonne, alongside reded granite (deco-granite) deposits in excess of 4.4 million tonne. Both Umina Quarry and Abbot Point Quarry supply high grade crushed aggregates suitable for civil constructions, road sealing and rail purposes, upper capping, type 2 & 3 pavement materials, armour rock, various drainage rock, and blast hole stemming rock, with Umina Quarry also supplying haulage road materials to Collinsville Coal and Sonoma Mine. In addition, Abbot Point Quarry supplies controlled and select fill, decomposed granite and has the ability to supply construction water from its own on site dam.

Abbot Point Quarry
Abbot Point Quarry