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Civil Earthmoving in the Whitsunday Region

30 Years of High-Quality Quarry Materials

From starting out as a small civil contractor to becoming a complete on-site quarry and civil earthmoving company, Hillery Group has supplied a variety of quarry materials throughout Queensland for 30 years.

At present, we own and operate four quarries in the Whitsunday region, including Bowen, Collinsville, Abbot Point; and a decomposed granite pit and sand reserve near Bowen.

As part of our scope of work, we engage qualified local civil earthmoving contractors to deliver quarry services, civil construction services and wet and dry plant hire to clients across Queensland.

Civil Construction at Beach — Hillery Group in Richmond Road Bowen, QLD
Earthmoving Equipment Moving Sandbags — Hillery Group in Richmond Road Bowen, QLD

Eco-Conscious Systems

Earthmoving Equipment Moving Sandbags — Hillery Group in Richmond Road Bowen, QLD
We strive to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and environmental management by training our employees correctly and providing all the resources necessary to continually improve our procedures; this helps to ensure the safety and reliability of all our products and services.

We believe in establishing trusted relationships with our clients and have had the privilege of working with Whitsunday Regional Council, Collinsville Coal, Abbot Point Operations, NQBP, and the Department of Transport and Main Roads among others.

We offer a trade discount of 10%.

On Going Construction — Hillery Group in Richmond Road Bowen, QLD
Our managers are some of the most seasoned and accomplished in the industry. Some start their day before the birds are singing and some are still going when you’re sitting down for dinner.

When you work with Hillery Group, you’re joining a community focused on talent, skill and diversity. We promote equal opportunities for all. Discover our current vacancies here.

Our quarrying services produce an extensive range of high-quality materials, including formation materials, road construction materials, aggregates, rock and natural sands. We can deliver materials to a roadway or stockpile ready for use.

Our comprehensive range of civil construction solutions range from environmental spill remediation and general mine maintenance to vegetation clearing, earthworks, haulage and much more.

We offer wet and dry plant hire services in the Whitsunday region. Our professionals handle the operation and maintenance of all equipment, delivering mobile crushing plants wherever and whenever you need them.

Our comprehensive range of landscaping supplies includes natural sands, topsoil, road base materials, aggregates and much more. Delivery is available to clients throughout the Whitsunday area.

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