Our Company Culture

What’s Our Mission?

Located in the Whitsunday region, at Hillery Group, we are committed to providing our clients with superior materials and excellent service at a reasonable price. The proven capacity of our company, coupled with our focus on employee welfare, health and safety—and compliance with customer specifications—allows us to propel forward in our position as industry leaders. 

The management team at Hillery Group are skilled leaders, motivators and problem solvers with a mindset for growth. You can trust our staff to deliver exceptional customer service and high-quality products tailored to your requirements. Our company practices are transparent, ethical and place a high value on environmental management.

New Cabin Project — Hillery Group in Richmond Road Bowen, QLD
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Hillery Group Values — Hillery Group in Richmond Road Bowen, QLD

Our Core Values

Hillery Group Values — Hillery Group in Richmond Road Bowen, QLD

Our customer-centricity, flexibility, and dynamism are our competitive advantages. At Hillery group, we believe that investing in long-term relationships ensures quality customer service. Whenever possible, we act to benefit the communities in which we have the privilege to operate. Throughout the years, we have donated labour, equipment and materials to a variety of local organisations whose mission is to enhance and sustain our community.

Taking care of our employees is essential to us. We provide a safe, family atmosphere with rewarding career advancement opportunities. Managing risks associated with employee safety and product quality is one of our innovative approaches to guaranteeing compliance with all safety and quality procedures.