Carol Roberts

Carol Roberts

Finance & Commercial Manager // The President of Revenue

Carol has been working at Hillery Group for over 12 months but has been a guru in the finance industry for most of her working career extending to over 30 years’ experience. Carol is responsible for all financial avenues of Hillery Group including budget preparation, profit and loss statements, cash flow, investment management, accounts payable and receivable and much more. Carol prides herself on her honesty and strong values and uses this ethos to ensure decisions are always for the benefit of our business without compromising our clients, suppliers or our people. Carol also is a member of the SLT and chairs the fortnightly meetings.

Carol also brings international experience to the table having worked for a global mining company in Papua New Guinea. This experience has been paramount in Hillery Group’s growth and business sustainability.


Implementation of legislation           
Investigative skills      
Strong attention to detail      
Ethics  Compliance    
Problem Solving


Risk Identification