Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald

Culture & Business Development Manager // Manager of the Vibe and all things awesome

Kelly has been working at Hillery Group for a little over 6 months and is one of the youngest members of the SLT (not in age). Kelly is ultimately responsible for all recruitment and onboarding practices, development, review and implementation of policies and procedures, organisation psychology, advising and coaching managers and staff on HR and IR issues, performance management as well as business development- brand and image.

Kelly has held senior positions in previous businesses including the role of CEO and has strong operational and people management skills.  Over many years Kelly has navigated cultural effectiveness and undertaken critical evaluation of what’s working and what can be improved. Its these abilities that play an integral part in the decisions made as part of the senior leadership team.


Managing Conflict Resolution           
Strong Communication Skills
Ethical practice          
Business Accumen                 
Cultural effectiveness


Relationship Building 
Problem Solver